" Everybody
in this world,
should be loved
- Taem

Taekey biased
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PR͍̝̝Ë̴̱̬͕̮͕͇́̅͗̎̿̀ _T͗̈́̎̑̾́̈́͘TY̢̡̧̨̧̙̰͈͕̟̹̭̼̦  B     O̵̧̺̹͓͖̭̒͂́̌͊͆Y
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Hello everyone, I am EXO’s voice Chanyeol. Firstly, I feel extremely honored because I get to participate in such a meaningful event due to (Roommate) GaYeon’s nomination; I hope everyone will become more aware of ALS and become more involved— to bring some strength for ALS patients. I will participate in ALS donations as well. In the following, I nominate @johnmayer @realisshoman @조석.


did you know that in vietnamese the word for “two” sounds a lot like the english pronunciation of the word “hi” so therefore when i make a peace sign i am saying hello to all of u and that is why some asians make the asian peace sign we are literally making a ridiculously bad pun


This looks like the beginning to a VERY promising dream~

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Taemin on KBS Cool FM:

"i’ll reveal my weight it’s 57kg i lost weight recently usually i weigh abt 60kg, more than i look coz of hidden flesh" cr: @juju_home

He’s saying he’s heavier than he looks cos of hidden flesh? Hidden flesh keke… must resist… the obvious comment…

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yixing & sehun lifting up kyungsoo
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Key’s gift to Taemin

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